Strawberries: Lightning Bugs~Solstice Blessings

Solstice Blessings


Today is the pinnacle of the sun’s journey across the sky.  Traditionally it was said that this day is a celebration of the Sun’s love for his concert, the Goddess. Times have changed but what has not is our need for myth and holy-days. So today, I invite you to embrace the delicious elements of summer that light you up.

I will be dancing in the Solstice with my beautiful friend Alison, who will be hosting her second monthly elevated d.j’d dance party in the yurt behind Mama in Stone Ridge. The kids are off for Summer vacation now and I think I’ll surprise them this morning with strawberry pancakes, a rare treat.

Rose Medicine

I’ve been making rose medicine these past weeks and may make more today. My most recent experiment was a warming twist on the much loved rose elixir. I filled a small jar with fresh rose petals, slices of fresh ginger and cinnamon chips. Then I poured in a generous coating of my friend Laura’s honey and finished it off with some Reyka vodka. I made that last Thursday, so I will let it steep for another 3 weeks to a month. Then I will strain, sample and bottle. There is nothing better than delicious rose medicine to hold our hearts when we are in need of gentle uplifting. The addition of ginger and cinnamon will balance rose’s cooling effects, which are not ideal in all situations or for all constitutions.

A note on workshops: Today’s class in collaboration with Mind Oasis has been postponed for a later date (still to be announced). I will be presenting two in real life workshops with the Gardiner Library this summer. I hope you’ll consider joining me for them if you are local. It will be so much fun to gather in person to spend some time walking amongst the plants and making medicine together, to bring home.

Feel free to shout out some ways you will celebrate summer by responding to this email with a couple of ideas. I love “popcorn community lists” and I can share it on social media.

Love, Ashley

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