Wellness Consultation

Whether you’re looking to improve your health, boost your energy, or simply enhance your quality of life, our Wellness Consultations were created to provide the answers you seek. Follow up meetings are also available, as needed.

  • Address your specific area of concern or interest.
  • Receive expert guidance on herbal medicine and holistic wellness practices.
  • Gain insights into natural approaches to well-being.
  • Learn how to source and/or create botanical wellness tools for your personal apothecary.
  • Receive a follow up summary with resources to support you in assimilating all that you have learned into your life.

Why Book a Consultation?

Wellness Consultations are a wonderful opportunity to investigate your area of concern or passion. Have you have been wanting to learn more about how herbs can support your health? Ashley enjoys listening deeply to your unique situation and finding an appropriate supportive protocol that fits the nuance of your experience. She loves introducing you to botanicals to build a home apothecary tailored to your specific needs.

Ashley views plants as foundational allies in a solid health plan. You will also explore the other building blocks of health: such as rest, food, hydration, movement and ritual.

Accessible Care

Sliding scale consultation rates are available upon inquiry

One no cost consultation per month is available, with priority given to BIPOC and LGBTIQA community members

To schedule please send an inquiry

Sharing Herbal Tea Together

“I can’t thank you enough for your support to promote fertility with nutrition and herbs. I feel strong, stress free and confident that I have prepared myself for this pregnancy in all the best ways.” ~ Mia

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