Ashley teaches interactive workshops to learners of all ages, in both through virtual and in person settings. She has created learning experiences for universities, homeschoolers, Waldorf students, libraries, wellness centers and community outreach programs. Workshops can be online or in person.

We'll keep you posted about upcoming workshops through the seasonal newsletter. Reach out to inquire about a customized workshop  for your university, business or social event. Topics include:

  • Herbal medicine/ botanical skills
  • Nature connection and awareness practices
  • Functional lifestyle tools
  • Optimal wellness strategies
  • Seasonal health rituals

Custom Workshops

Wellness Workshop

Upcoming Workshops

Check back for the most current offerings!

“Thank you for the workshop! I had the privilege of watching the campers utilize the wisdom you taught them in the hours after you left. We even spotted yarrow on the Nature Trail! I hope you will come back next year!” ~ Jasmine, Phillies Bridge Farm

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