You carry the innate knowledge of how to be wildly healthy. Dreamkeeper Botanicals is here to help you rekindle or deepen your connection with that inner wisdom, build relationships with plants, and come home to yourself. Working with functional medicine, earth wisdom, nutrition, botanicals, ritual and healthy lifestyle practices help us to synergistically address the root causes of health imbalances. Are you craving an ally to sort out and organize the next steps on your health and wellness journey?  I invite you to explore our services to find the most fitting way to work together.

Wellness Consultation

Whether you’re looking to improve your health, boost your energy, or simply enhance your quality of life, our Botanical Wellness Consultation can provide the answers you seek.

Address your specific area of concern or interest

  • Receive expert guidance on herbal medicine and holistic wellness tools
  • Gain insights into natural approaches to well-being
  • Access to a customized follow through plan with resources and reminders
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Workshops & Classes

We'll keep you posted about upcoming workshops through the seasonal newsletter. Reach out to inquire about a customized workshop  for your university, business or social event.

Topics include:

  • Herbal medicine
  • Nature connection
  • Functional lifestyle tools
  • Optimal wellness strategies
  • Seasonal health rituals
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Seasonal Coaching Packages

Discover your path to wellness by collaboratively crafting a map for your health and wellness goals, ensuring you have the guidance, knowledge and motivation to become the healthiest version of yourself.

  • Discover the art of self-trust in your health journey
  • Receive expert guidance tailored to your needs
  • Learn how to prioritize self care and build a healthier, happier you
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Join the Seasonal Newsletter

Join the seasonal newsletter to get recipes, insights and inspiration delivered to your inbox on each of the holidays that mark the  wheel of the year. You'll receive ritual practices to deepen your connection to nature and the energetics of each season as well as functional lifestyle tips for empowered health.