Fun Spring Events (starting immediately) & PLANTS are waking up!!

Coltsfoot Flowers

Hold onto that inner SUNSHINE!!

It’s FINALLY happening! After what seems like an eternal winter, spring has arrived, with lots of rain and scattered sunny days. Before we know it the heat will truly set in and in the meantime there are plenty of plant beauties to peep at. This past week I noticed the greening (check out the photo gallery below to see some of the baby plants)!! Trees are popping little green leaves. The first color of spring flowers, yellow, is in full glory with the forsythia, daffodils, comfrey and dandelion donning their golden blossoms. The fruit trees are opening with a glorious mix of pink, white and blush. Time to come out and play my dears! Below are some upcoming events (one fun gathering tomorrow night if you like magic and storytelling) with coupon codes and freebies. Gathering with friends and talking about plant magic helps me keep that inner sunshine glowing bright, until it’s truly tank top & sandals season. I’ll hope you join me either tomorrow night and/or May 31st and will save the date for Summer Solstice!


 For my newsletter subscribers use code WITCHES20 to save $20 on tomorrow night’s event.

Save the Date for some upcoming events:

MINI: Making an Herbal Oil (31May, 6pm CT) This one is free!!
CLASS: Summer Solstice Circle (21Jun, 6pm CT)


Photo Gallery

Daylily shoots
Day Lily Shoots (so good in soup)
Peonies & Catnip
Peonies & Catnip
Basby Nettles
Baby Nettles
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