Imbolc (mid-winter) News, Energy Bite Recipe & Announcements

Imbolc Blessings

Imbolc blessings! Halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox Imbolc is a land based holiday celebrating renewal. This year, if you follow a seasonal calendar, Imbolc landed on February 4th. Originally celebrated as a holiday of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, this cross quarter holiday is now embraced by pagans as a time of  awakening and the return of nourishment. Animals (who are farmed for dairy) begin birthing and the return of milk has long been a celebration of surviving winter.

As farmers start planting seeds in greenhouses and the sap begins to flow it is time to bring new things to light. How can we embrace Imbolc on a metaphorical level as we reflect on what sustains our spirits? This time of year can be restorative as we continue a slower and more home based lifestyle throughout the cold winter months; crafting, cozying, reading and perhaps indulging in a bit more netflix viewing. What is stirring in you and gently (or furiously) asking to be birthed into the world on the other side of winter’s rest?

New Beginnings for Dreamkeeper Botanicals

In the spirit of new beginnings I am thrilled to introduce you to the new Dreamkeeper Botanicals website! You can easily make appointments through the site. You will also find a library of our bi-monthly newsletters housed under the Magic & Medicine tab. Explore the new Dreamkeeper Botanicals website here. The past couple of years have been a huge growth period for me and I am beyond excited to birth new aspects of Dreamkeeper into our local Hudson Valley community and beyond. Services are available both in person and virtually. My goal is to support your health with functional medicine tools, connection to plants and the traditional healing methods proven to be most successful AGAIN and AGAIN through modern research.

In This Issue

In this issue you will learn about my upcoming free class in Kingston NY on herbal tea crafting, be invited to participate in a 21 Day Meal Prep Challenge, get your questions about health coaching answered and get my recipe for Imbolc Energy Bites. You will also find ideas for rituals to celebrate the the turning wheel of the year.

  February 23rd at People’s Place ~ Herbal Tea Crafting


Register to join me for this fun and free workshop here

Invite for Herbal Tea Making Class


21 Day Meal Prep Challenge

You’re going to love the healthy recipes that we’ll be making during our 3 weeks together. You’ll learn about the benefits of meal prep, how to select local and seasonal ingredients, building healthy habits and so much more. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and share in our group chat feature in the program portal. Research shows it takes three weeks to build new habits. I’d like to offer this challenge to you for one dollar a day. The idea is that even the smallest daily investments can result in positive changes. When done in community these changes build even more force. Join the 21 Day Meal Prep Challenge here!

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A Conversation about Health Coaching


How is your new year going?  

Were you able to take things a bit slow throughout January or did you jump into 2024 with a bang? I am seeing a lot of people who want to address the fall out of holiday indulgences and get their healthy lifestyle practice dialed in. 

What is it you want to bring to life this year?

Have you ever thought about working with a coach to make your goals a reality? Maybe you have questions about how that works. Some common questions are:

How does coaching work? 

Every coach:client relationship is different. In my practice one common theme is that you will feel steady support throughout the months of our work together. It starts with you setting your goals and is anchored on me helping you to set them in motion. You will receive customized resources and a consistent connection from a steady & optimistic motivation and accountability partner. People are always amazed at what they can accomplish with the right kind of support that is customized to their needs.

Can I ask you anything?

People talk to me about everything. No topic is off limits, from bowel health to libido and everything in between. Our bond is a therapeutic one with a focus on safe space. I help people to understand blocks and move through them to a place of power.

Can you tell me what to do?

I do not tell you what to do. I listen to you deeply. I investigate all the resources available to us including your past history, your current state of health and the latest research as relevant to your situation. With all of that we build a relationship based on respect and set small goals together that inevitably lead to lasting change. It’s amazing to witness the growth of my clients as they bloom into their healthiest selves and own their ability to create the life they want for themselves.

How can I learn more about working with you?

Read more about seasonal coaching and book a complimentary discovery call here.


Imbolc Energy Bite Recipe

Picture of Energy Bites

I like to make this recipe in a large glass measuring cup with lines on the side. I start with the nut butter, then the honey and the vanilla extract. Once the liquid ingredients are stirred together I mix the solids in to make a paste which can be rolled into bite sized nuggets and stored in the fridge. They are healthy and delicious, the perfect substitute for cookies or store bought energy bars. Plus, the addition of the herbs and mushrooms helps with stress resilience and mental clarity.

Nut Butter ½ cup

Flax Seeds ½ cup

Honey ¼ cup

Oats 1 cup

Chocolate chips ¼ cup (Enjoy life is my favorite since it is free of allergens)

Cinnamon ½ tsp

Ashwagandha 2 TBSP

Lion’s Mane 1 TBSP

Imbolc Rituals

Light a candle, plant a seed, pick a tarot card and make an offering to Brigid, the Goddess of Imbolc. Journal about your dreams, your goals and all that you hope to see emerge in your life next growing season. I hope to connect with you in the coming months. You will hear from me next as Spring begins. Nourish yourself deeply and find something that brings you joy every day. The littlest things can make the biggest difference. Love & Blessings!! xox

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Ashley Sapir Lathrop

I am an herbalist, health coach, educator and writer.

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