Dreamkeeper Botanicals offers herbal consultations, education and lovingly crafted botanical remedies in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of NY. With a focus on self and community empowerment, Ashley Sapir Lathrop, herbalist, wellness educator and founder, is passionate about bio-regional herbalism, balanced nutrition and facilitating learning experiences that empower people to take new steps toward vibrant living. She is committed to making holistic healthcare accessible to all and to teaching practical home and nature based self-care skills.

Dreamkeeper Botanicals integrates traditional ways of healing with modern science to offer individualized care for the whole person. Specializing in complementary care for women, children and teens, Dreamkeeper Botanicals has appointments available in New Paltz and Kingston, New York. Integrating plant-based healthcare into our existing medical system is one of Ashley’s most pressing passions, and she will happily partner with your primary care provider to weave a holistic web of support.

“Over the last ten years I have struggled with Ulcerative Colitus. My flare up was so extreme that my doctor said my only option was an aggressive surgery. I was the sickest I have ever been and I felt completely hopeless. Finally I reached out to Ashley to try a different approach. After making changes to my diet and lifestyle and adding herbs to help heal my gut, I got good news from my doctor that my colon was miraculously healing. My doctor told me to continue doing what I am doing and, against all odds, I continue to get better. I can’t thank Ashley enough for giving me renewed hope and for helping me to heal when traditional medicine was no longer working. Her continued support has made all the difference on this difficult journey.” ~ Kelly