Happy Solstice & (almost) Full Moon ~ Musical Gift Included

~ Happy Solstice & (almost) Full Moon ~ 

full moon in purple sky

Solstice (Midsummer) is revered as the longest and most magical day of the year. We are called to burn fires, submerge ourselves in water and speak our dreams to the fairies (in the guise of fireflies). 

Entering the portal to summer, marked by the high point of the sun, summons our wild creativity and calls on our courage to create change.  

What did you dream up this winter? 

What seeds did you lovingly tuck into the soil this spring? 🌱

Now is the time to weed our inner gardens, coaxing and nourishing the most aligned goals into existence. Your determination will be fueled by tomorrow night’s full moon in Capricorn. 

a lemon cut in half on a cutting board with a knife

 Summer Wellness Tips 

DANCE & LISTEN TO MUSIC –  here’s your Summer Solstice playlist!

HYDRATE with herbal  infusions, lemon water & salt, bubbly mineral water w/ lemon or kombucha.

* SAVE THE DATE FOR A CLASS ON HERBAL INFUSIONS IN THE GARDEN (August 12th, from 4-6 pm) at the Y in Kingston. 

PROMOTE CELLULAR HEALTH by eating a variety of plants from all the hues of the rainbow. Some personal favorites are sunflower seeds, oats, berries and dark green kale.

SLOW DOWN, remember to breathe and choose to do things that bring you joy.

COLD WATER plunges, either in a natural environment or in showers or tubs promote nitric oxide production, a chemical messenger that promotes cardiovascular and respiratory health.

EAT & DRINK PLANT MEDICINE by adding herbs and spices to your meals. They help you round out your phytonutrient spectrum of rainbow foods, turmeric as gold and cinnamon as orange. Think of all the possibilities!

GET SUPPORT WHEN NEEDED by remembering to set good boundaries and ask for help when you need it. I am opening a few spots for summer seasonal health coaching. Do you crave support to create meal plans, personalized wellness rituals to discover the herbs that are best for you? Let’s connect to see if our offerings are right for you. EXPLORE WORKING TOGETHER TO HELP YOUR FEEL YOUR BEST!  

a white bowl with flowers in it

 Solstice/ Full Moon Ritual Mugwort Moon Bath 

This can be a whole body bath or simply a foot bath. Create a simple altar near your bath. Your altar may include a rose quartz, some golden or red flowers, a candle and any sacred items that are close to your heart.

Draw a bath, add a small bundle of mugwort and/or any herbs of choice. Other lovely options and additions include roses, chamomile, lemon balm and the plant ally most associated with Solstice -St. John’s Wort. These can be put in a muslim bag, a bit of cheesecloth or left to float ~ whatever draws you in!

Full moon energy is buzzy, and Summer Solstice is high vibe, so it may take a little while to ground and still your busy mind. Dim the lights and focus on the candle flickering on the walls, slow your breathing and enjoy the gentle rise and fall of your chest and belly, as you take this time to commune with yourself. During such an extroverted season rituals like this are more important than ever.

May your solstice dreams grow into fiery goals that light you up with their manifestation! 

yellow flower in tilt shift lens
St. John’s Wort

Ashley Sapir Lathrop

I am an herbalist, health coach, educator and writer.

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